Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 4:

Another week has come and gone here in Prior Lake! I've gotten to know a little more about this area. Starting to recognize landmarks and know my way around! The houses here are huge! Like four stories is not uncommon. They are big and fancy. I have yet to see a not-so-nice house. They are all well taken care of, with no messes in the yards, unlike in California. But hardly any of them have fenced yards, which is weird to me! Not as many pets here than in California either. That's pretty exciting but my companion and I still get lost! Still no new snow! Just from the snow from before I came. Hopefully it'll snow before Christmas so I can have my first white Christmas! 

Like I said in my last email, we don't get fed too much out here! Last week, we had no dinner appointments. So one sister took us to a really fancy restaurant that had a seafood buffet. It was my companions first time eating crab. It was crazy good! Last Saturday we had the ward Christmas party. It was fun and I got to meet a lot more people. Then they sent us home with a ton of ham! Bingo. ;) Earlier that day we decided to go by a sister in our wards home to see if we could do any service for her. Turns out, she has a rabbit but knows nothing about rabbits. Where as me, I know rabbits better than almost anyone else. She was also saying how her rabbit wasn't friendly and she couldn't pick it up. She didn't know how old it was or it's breed. I was able to trim his nails, tell her the breed (a very fat dwarf hot tot), and his age. I was able to teach her a lot about him and really make him friendly. It made the sister so happy and made me happy to be with animals and to serve her, especially with rabbits.

On Tuesday my companion and I made cookies for a cookie exchange later that night. We came home with over 100 cookies! And being that I can't eat them because of the gluten, my companion has had a lot of cookies to eat! It was really fun to bake. With our leftover cookies we got to take them to less actives and investigators so that was good! It was just a lot of fun baking.

Last Thursday I got really sick! It's been going around, and I definitely have caught it. I've been kind of sick since I've gotten here, but Thursday was bed ridden sick for part of the day. I had to go to a district meeting in the morning to afternoon. It was so hard to get through the meeting! I could barely walk, so afterwards we went back to the apartment. While I slept, my companion got us really caught up in making appointments and calling people. It was good that we were able to bring some success from me being sick! I am still sick, but able to go about and do stuff.

Cool, my computer just crashed and took half an hour to get going again, so I don't have much time left to type. So I need to make this quick!

Beth, my investigator who has her baptism date set, decided to move the date from January 10th to December 27th, so we are super excited! Her dad isn't a member and has never had interest meeting with the missionaries or learning more. Yesterday I met him for the first time. We had a nice chat and talked about a lot. Beth's mom mentioned, later that night, how she wishes he would just believe in God. He has never said anything about believing in God to her or to anyone, she told me. Well, he told me that he does. He told me he did believe in God he just doesn't like the idea of organized religion. That's a miracle! His heart has been softened and hopefully he will be willing to meet with us soon! 

Because of that lovely computer freeze I don't have time to type anything else, so with that, talk to you next week!

Love always,
Sister Zimmerman

The picture is of Ri and I, a girl whose family we visit a lot! They are recent converts and so strong in the gospel! Just being in their home I can feel the spirit so strongly.

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