Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 18:

Good morning everyone!

This has been another beautiful week in Minnesota! If the weather was like this all year around, it'd be perfect for me! Never getting about 65, but still sunny, sounds good! My companion, Sister Bone, on the other hand, disagrees. She loves the sun and the heat. She has been going crazy, wanting it to be summer already. Since it is so beautiful, we want to be outside all the time! This is perfect tracting weather! Everyone is outside playing, walking their dogs, riding their bikes, and going for runs. But no such luck for us. My knee has been causing me quite some pain lately so on Wednesday I finally went to the doctor for it. They said I should be walking half as much as I do now or I will be causing permanent damage to my knee... And we haven't even walking that much since it is winter and we drive! Yet even just that is "too much." Cool. I have to wrap my knee each day so I cannot move it and wear a brace. So I walk with a limp.. It's lots of fun. I am suppose to use crutches, but I don't have any and have not been able to track any down yet. It has been slow, since we have no investigators and can't really find any with my problems. I feel like I am wasting time and being disobedient, but there is not much else we can do. President knows and he just says to take it easy and do what I can without pushing myself. So we have been doing a lot of les active and recent convert work, which is fun. Slow nonetheless. 

On Friday we went to Beth's dance recital. I have to say, it was quite interesting! I have never really gone to one before, and this one was a mix of ballet type and modern. I can honestly say I have never seen anything like it before! The next day, we went to a play called "Journey with Joseph" about Joseph Smith and his life and death, put on by the youth in the Minneapolis Stake. It was so good! It was killer, since it was in an auditorium with lots of stairs! I was feeling it the next day!

Sister Bone and I have been visiting Barb, a member of the church who is less active. She loves puzzles and we love to help her! We finally got the puzzle finished! So that is what is happening in the picture we included. We were also helping her do deep cleaning, hence the pday clothes. :)

Just a short update for this week. So much for now! 
Sister Emma Zimmerman

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 17:

Good morning!  I don't know what the weather is like where you are at, but here in Prior Lake Minnesota, it is beautiful! It is so warm, we didn't even have to wear long sleeves out. It is officially tshirt weather! Is it sad that 40 is considered tshirt weather in Minnesota..? Believe it or not, my body has adjusted quite well! Thank goodness for that. Because of this warm weather, there is practically no snow left anywhere.. Even though it stormed and snowed quite a bit on Tuesday. So much that we had to stay inside practically all day!

Last Monday was a lot of fun! We had zone pday so we met with a lot of other missionaries to play games and sports. These games included hungry hippo (life size human version), zombies, and of course sports, like basketball and volleyball. It was a lot of fun!

On Tuesday, we got some quite exciting/disappointing for me news. We got a text message from our zone leaders saying that we are going to be getting iPads in May. Honestly, I don't want an iPad! I can see the perks of them, but I don't really want one. However I don't really have a choice in it, so I'll be positive! The exciting news in that is that one of the twelve apostles are coming to train us and we will get to meet him! We were told that it will probably be Elder Nelson, but we aren't 100% sure. He is who has been training our mission president, President Forbes, on using them. 
Also on Tuesday we had a relief society birthday dinner, celebrating the anniversary of it's creation. It went really well and was a lot of fun! Our investigator, Andraea came and brought one of her friends, Michelle! They both loved it and were able to meet a lot of the members, who instantly started fellowshipping them. From that, we had had quite a few members volunteer to come teaching with us and offer their home to be used for lessons. It's pretty awesome! I love that the members go out of their way to make others who feel uncomfortable at first, fell welcomed. 

On Wednesday we had exchanges, which is when we trade companions for a day with the Sister Training Leaders. I ended up going to Lakeville with Sister Magleby. It was so much fun! As much as I love my companion, Sister Bone, it is exciting to get to go to a new place for a day. One person we went to go teach was Morgan. On the way to her apartment, Sister Magleby and I were asking each other questions. One of them she asked me was what my biggest fear was. I automatically said snakes. I hate snakes. I am terrified of them. But I have decided one I get off my mission, I am going to get over my fear and hold a snake. I hate being scared of things, because it gives that thing power over you. I don't want a snake to have power over me, that is ridiculous! So I told her that. And she then informed me that Morgan has a snake. So we get to Morgan's and I told her that I am scared of snakes, so she quickly stepped in front of the tank, so I couldn't see "Checkers." I then explained to her that I wanted to get over my fear. Sure enough, she let me hold Checkers. At first, I was so scared! But I did it! I held him for a few minutes when Morgan asked how long I wanted to hold him for. I responded, "Until I'm not scared anymore." Sure enough, I got over it! By the end of the lesson, I was quite enjoying holding him. I held him for over an hour. Yeah, I held "a slitherly little snakey snake." (Bonus point to you if you know what that's from.) So the picture attached is me and Checkers! Morgan and Sister Magleby said that I did really well holding him and that a didn't seem scared at all. Yeah, little did they know that at first I was terrified! I succeeded though! :)

Last night we went over to a members house who has two huge very hairy dogs. When we got here, they were playing in the yard, getting all wet and full of mud. We were sitting on the couch having a discussion when all of the sudden Ben (one of the dogs) jumped on me! He got me so wet it soaked through all my layers, both on my skirt and my shirt! Not just wet, but it was thick mud. It got everywhere- in my hair, in my mouth, and all over my face. And these are dogs that never got baths, so they stank! To say the least, we went in early (just 20 minutes before 9) so I could shower. It was nasty! But hey, it certainly gave us a good laugh, after I was all clean again!

Well, I have to cut this letter short! It is time to go to District Pday! I hope everyone has a great week!
Keep in touch!

Love always, 
Sister Emma Zimmerman

Week 16:

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all having a great Monday! Which I am not sure if those exists outside of missionary life, but still. 

It is a very sunny Monday morning here in Prior Lake, Minnesota. Almost all the snow has melted, but it is suppose to storm tonight and tomorrow! Which I am excited for. It is supposedly going to be the biggest storm of this winter. I guess we will see!

This week has been slow, due to me being quite sick for a few days last week. Getting sick really makes missionary work hard! It was really tough on Thursday, when my sickness was at its worse. There was a district meeting, which is required, so I had to wake up and stumble to that. Let me tell you, it was terrible. I was sleeping on the table practically the whole meeting. I was in so much pain. Then afterwards, we had to go to the district lunch at Red Robin. The smell of the food was making me even more sick, so I had to sit at a booth alone. Once we got back to the apartment, I went straight to sleep! But on a good note, I am feeling much better and back to the Lord's work!

We have a new district leader, who is awesome! Him and his companion always ask us if there is anything they can do for us. Of course, we said yes! Elder Mitchell and Elder Turner call us almost everyday to sing to us! It is so funny. The first song they sang to us was, "As Sisters in Zion." If you know that hymn, imagine two guys with really deep voices singing it. Enough said. It was hilarious. We also told them that we wouldn't mind some cookies. They said they couldn't bake very well. Good news! Tis the season for girl scout cookies! We were kidding, mostly. But at district meeting, sure enough there were our cookies! Seriously, these elders crack me up.

The next transfers will be on April first, and I am not looking forward to it! Even though it is a month away.. But you know what they say about missionary life. "The days are long and the weeks are fast." I will be leaving this area, unfortunately. Typically, we don't know if we will be leaving the area until two days before it happens, but the beans got spilt. After our district meeting on Thursday, we were coming back to our apartment when we ran into our landlord, Jackie. She said that we had gotten the 30 day rental termination notice from the mission president. A few days later she informed us that she would be showing the apartment, already. So sisters are being taken out of Prior Lake, so just elders will cover the ward. Which makes me sad! I love the members here and have grown quite attached to them, especially since this is the only area I have ever served in. I also don't want to leave my companion, Sister Bone! We work so well together and have a ton of fun. But hey! That's missionary life!

Our most progressing investigator right now is Andraea. She has not been able to attend church the last few weeks because she has been busy, but the desire has been there. I know that she attends when she can. Which she promised is next week! We were able to visit her on Saturday which was pretty crazy! She had her friend, Michelle, over so we got to talk to her! She has been meeting with the missionaries as well, as I understand. Andraea was actually the one who introduced them. On top of having a friend over, Andraea was making dinner, chasing a two-year-old around, and helping her fourteen-year-old daughter, Kaitelynn, get ready for her play, Guy and Dolls Jr. The day before, Friday, we had attended and watched her perform. It was so good! And much more appropriate than the original since it was put on by a junior high. It was cute, no doubt! Not only was Kaitelynn in it, but so was Tim, a deacon in the ward. It was awesome to get to support them. Afterwards, Kaitelynn was super happy to see that we came, especially since we brought her chocolate! What else does a girl need? Anyways! Back to talking about Andraea and Michelle. We ended up having a good discussion about how there is opposition in all things. Michelle had recently tried to take her own life, so we were able to comfort her and tell her that God is always there for her. She seems like she has gotten past that rough patch and is doing much better. Andraea is such an amazing person! She knows this church is true. When we were talking to Michelle, Andraea kept making comments at times, saying things like, "We believe.." and "Our church." She even has all the aps on her phone. She just needs to get bapized! Which gets complicated because her family says they will disown her if she becomes Mormon. We will keep praying and teaching her, hopefully her and her families hearts will be softened. As Andraea said herself, "Either they will accept me becoming Mormon or I will get to the point where I just don't care." We just need to be understanding and patient while still being persistent. 

We have been doing a lot of service work for members lately. The Paeys are a family who we have shoveled their drive a good six times, without them ever knowing. This week while shoveling, Sister Paey caught us in the act. She asked us if we had done it before, and we admitted that we had. What a miracle! We have been trying to get in with Sister Paey. Her husband is less active, so we have been wanting to meet with him. But to do that, it had to be through her. Anyways, after we were done shoveling, she asked if we could do her neighbors drive, and of course we said yes. Once we finished, Sister Paey invited us in and gave us hot cocoa. We were able to talk and bond with her. It was so good! She has since signed up to feed us this week. Hopefully we will be able to talk to her husband and invite him back.

On Saturday night we had a ward talent show, which was a lot of fun! All four of us missionaries got roped into performing. Luckily, Elder McVey is a boss at the piano and Sister Bone can sing like none other. Because of our lack of music options, we sang the Army of Helaman song. We were told we sounded pretty good. They must have not been able to hear Elder Butler and myself. There were lots of acts, including singing, playing piano, dancing, hula hooping, telling jokes, playing basketball, and so on. I was tempted to sign up and demonstrate how to show a rabbit or hypnotize it, or something, but I couldn't get ahold of anyone with a rabbit! Haha Hands down the best act was Ephraim, a 9-year-old boy with Autism. He danced to a Justin Beiber song, but he was legit! He was surprisingly really good. He was dressed in all black and red with sunglasses on. He seriously blew everyone away. I recorded it, but it is too long to email, unfortunately. After all the acts, they handed out glow sticks and turned off all the lights and blasted music. It was practically a rave. I felt so awkward, being a missionary there! It was so much fun.

Anyways, it is now time for zone pday! Something to do with nerf guns, flash lights, and helmets! (Thank you Ryan Snyder for sending me a nerf gun, it is going to come in handy today!)

Keep on keepin' on!

Sister Emma Zimmerman

The pictures is of  Kaitelynn and me after the Guys and Dolls Jr. play! :)

Week 15:

So sorry I didn't send out an update last Monday! Because of the holiday, the libraries were closed. We went to a member’s house to email, so we didn't have as much time. It was pretty crazy, because they had kids who wanted our attention at all times. So I didn't get to focus on emailing too much, but that's okay!  

This last week has been so good! Because Sister Anderson was going home, she had to go to the mission home on Tuesday, where she would meet with our mission president and all the other missionaries going home before leaving on Wednesday. I got a temporary companion on Tuesday until we had transfers on Wednesday. Hermana Hiatt came to Prior Lake with me for just over a day. It was so much fun! We had a lot of appointments, so she got to meet a lot of the people I serve in this ward. She left saying that she hopes she will get transferred here because she loved it so much! But that won't happen, since she is Spanish speaking and there are few members or investigators here who just speak Spanish. I was able to realize just how awesome this ward is! We had dinner on Tuesday night I had the worst meal I have had on my mission so far. It was fish; well it was supposed to be fish at least. Usually I like fish. She set the plates down in front us and we started looking around thinking a dog went poo because something smelt so bad. It turns out, it was the fish. It was rubbery and just rancid. Plus there was hair in our rice and floaties in the water. I am proud to say I ate every bite. It was so gross! But hey, what is a mission for if not to eat disgusting food, with a smile on your face? 

On Wednesday we had transfers. How transfers works is Monday we get an email with a picture with all the areas and missionaries on it. It is like I spy, trying to find yourself and see what area you are in. Then Wednesday we all go to the church chapel across from the mission home and have a little conference with the mission president and his wife. We then find our new companions and we are good to go. 

Sister Bone is my new companion and I absolutely love her! We actually knew each other from before our missions and we use to talk a lot, which is pretty cool! When we got to our apartment, she was looking at pictures on my wall of me and some of my friends and actually recognized a few of them. Let me tell you, this is such a small world, especially if you are Mormon! Anyways, she and I have been having a lot of fun! We get along so well. If you know the personality colors, I am a red and she is a yellow, which are just a good combo! We are a very interesting companionship. I am definitely so much happier. It has been a lot of fun with her, yet I am working harder than ever. She is such a great missionary. This transfer is going to be great! We have been working really hard and finding people, with no success thus far. We have been spending a few hours each day, just about, tracting (knocking doors). That could be fun or terrible. It was been very cold lately, so that is definitely a downfall. A lot of people who answer are not very nice. But I know it will all pay off in the long run! 

Beth has been doing so well! We have been working on Personal Progress with her. Lately, we have been focusing on faith. I'm not sure if it has been helping her or me more! We have been reading scriptures out of the Book of Mormon and the Bible on faith. One of my favorite chapters is Alma 32. Specifically, verse 21, which reads, "And now as I said concerning faith—faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true." and verse 27, "But behold, if ye will awake and arouse your faculties, even to an experiment upon my words, and exercise a particle of faith, yea, even if ye can no more than desire to believe, let this desire work in you, even until ye believe in a manner that ye can give place for a portion of my words." As long as we have that desire to believe, everything else will come into place. Faith is an action. That desire will make us strive to find that testimony. There is a song with the lyrics that say, "Live like you believe, it's one sure way your faith will grow." Alma 32:27 is the formula of how to develop faith and gain a testimony. I love those versus. 

I forgot my camera at home today, so I don't have any pictures, unfortunately. 

Until next time, have a great week!


Sister Emma Zimmerman

Week 13:

Good morning! Today is such a beautiful day here in Minnesota. My, it's almost t-shirt weather! I don't even have to wear a sweater, it's so warm today. It's in the low 30's. What a blessing. :)

Last Tuesday we had a snow storm and it was quite interesting! It was my first time driving in that much snow, but all was well! I enjoyed having snow, though it has quickly melted! I mean, I didn't chose to come on my mission to Minnesota for no snow! Just kidding, of course!

This week has been quite interesting! We now have no progressing investigators. Anthony, who we were teaching, we have dropped. We went over to Gina's house (which is where we had met him and always saw him at) on Monday for our usual meeting. He was not there, though we still had a meeting with her and her two young children. After our lesson, we asked Gina if everything was okay with Anthony, for we had not seem him for a week or so. She shook her said no and said that she would tell us later, when her children were not around. We went back to her house on Thursday for dinner. Her children were running around playing so we had the chance to talk to her about Anthony. She said that we had gone out with his friends one night, and took her 14-year-old son, Jordan, with him. They had gone to a store and Anthony told Jordan to wait in the car. A little while later, Anthony came running out of the store, with the security guard chasing him, and hoped into the car and took off, leaving the owner of the car in the store. Anthony dropped Jordan off at a gas station where he was able to call his mother to pick him up. All got cleared with Jordan, but now Anthony is probably half way across the country, running from the cops. So, for obvious reasons, we have dropped Anthony as our investigator. 

We were so sure that Anthony was a golden investigator. So, of course, we are sad that things took such a turn. However, the scripture 1 Corinthians 1:17 has stood out to me. It reads, "For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel." I know that as long as we are doing our best, that is all the Lord expects of us. We need to preach the gospel and continue to be diligent. Eventually, we will find those whom the Lord has prepared for us.

Beth is progressing very well! She is coming to church and loving it! She loves the young women's program and we have started to do personal progress with her, which is a lot of fun. She has so much potential and she is started to see it. Her dad, Garth, still isn't interested in the gospel at all, but we did get a lesson in with him on Friday! We kind of trapped him though! Sister Anderson and I went over for dinner. We always leave with a dinner message, but usually we start it after dinner. This time, we started it at the table so he had to sit through it. We could tell he was enjoying it, he just didn't want to admit it!

On Wednesday, my district went to the sculpture gardens in Minneapolis. We exchanged Wednesday for Monday as our preparation day so we could go. It was so much fun, but so cold! We went with a member who, when she saw that I did not have a jacket on, proceeded to yell at me saying, "It is 5 degrees out!" My response was, "I'm not cold!" To say the least, I left wearing her jacket and gloves! However, they got in the way a lot so I took them off many times. :p The gardens were a lot of fun! We got lots of random pictures. I got to see the spoon with the cherry on it that is the first thing you see when you google Minneapolis. There was an ice rink that I walked across in regular shoes and almost ate it a few times! The picture is of my district in one of the indoor gardens there! Of course, I am front and center, haha. After the gardens, we played lazer tag. It was my first time playing-definitely fun! I was actually not too bad! Out of the 16 who were playing, my score was never below #7. And the best place I got was #2. Nothing to brag about... But... Haha it was definitely fun! Until three little kids, couldn't have been older than 8, came and totally kicked our butts. I definitely recruited them to be on my team! All in all, Wednesday was a great day! 

My companion, Sister Anderson, and I have been making so many smoothies lately. The first one she made was disgusting! It was super healthy and very green. She couldn't even drink it. I proceeded to make a semi healthy one. With all of her ingredients plus raspberry sherbet, bananas, and strawberries. To say the least, mine was much better! To make it all the worse, she ended up splilling hers all over the counter, floor, and herself! Man, it stunk! I don't think I had laughed so hard on my mission! But I was nice, and let her have some of mine. :)

I feel like I have learned so much this week. Yesterday at church, we had two sacrament talks on agency. I also taught Sunday school on that same topic. Come relief society third hour, our lesson was on agency. I realized how key being able to choose really is in this life. I heard a quote from John Bytheway, which says something to the effect of those who abuse their free agency in this life, will have it taken from them in the next. I always have to watch myself in all that I do, to make sure that I am making those right decisions. Not only in action, but in word and thought. I know that as I continue to do so, I will be blessed by the Lord. And who wouldn't want that?

Well, time to head to another zone preparation day to play lots of games and sports! Then Sister Anderson gets to pack. This week is her last full week as a missionary! She is going home to Idaho on February 18th. And I'm "killing" her. So I will get a new companion here pretty soon, not sure how I feel about that!

 I hope you all have a warm, fun, exciting week! Keep me updated!

 Sister Emma Zimmerman

P.S. I would just like to take this moment to brag about my best friend. She got into her #1 choice college! Congrats to her!

Famous cherry on a spoon:

My companion and I front of the famous cherry on a spoon at the sculpture gardens in Minneapolis.

Week 11:

Hey everyone! I hope you weekend was swell!

Sorry for not sending out an update last week. It was a holiday, so the library was closed. We had to email at a members home and didn't have much time. I feel like this update is going to be really scattered and random, so bare with me!

This has been a very interesting week, no doubt. It was hard as far as missionary work goes. We got a lot of rejections. A while back, we were teaching a man named Richie who suddenly dropped us. We were able to get back into contact with him and he seemed really interested! Things were going really well. He was asking a lot of questions and expressed a desire to come to church. We set up a ride for him and everything. Then, yesterday before church, he texted us telling us he was no longer interested. My companion and I think he may have been antied. That we ready material on the LDS church that portrayed it in an untrue and negative manner. So that was disappointing. 

Speaking of Sunday, my companion, Sister Anderson, was asked a few weeks ago to speak in Sacrament meeting yesterday. I kidded around with her that she had to speak and I didn't. Well, last Wednesday I got a call asking if I would speak. Of course, you can't say no, so I did. I had just a few days to prepare. And when you're a missionary, you really don't have much time to! But I was able to write and give my talk on the importance of the sacrament. It went really well and I got a lot of compliments. Also yesterday, President Payne was in our ward from the quorum of the seventy, which was pretty cool! I got to talk to him for a little while. He has quite the testimony! 

I got to go to the temple on Wednesday with our district and ward mission leader, which was an amazing experience! I love being able to go! The temple really is the house of God. I was able to feel the Spirit really strongly. I got to see Sister Steadman, my old companion from the MTC. I get to see her almost every week, which doesn't seem like enough though! I miss her a lot.

So Sister Anderson and I were thinking and praying about turning Terry over to the elders in our ward as their investigator. We did that this week, so he is no longer our investigator. Of course, we will continue to stop by and visit him and his wife and have lessons with them. We actually have an appointment set up for today at eight, which is good! Yesterday we visited with them and Cathy taught us more about embroidering which we did while we had a lesson about how the Lord is our Shepard. It went really well. They are such a great family.

Since we no longer have Terry as our investigator, our one and only progressing (so far) investigator is Anthony. He has been continuing to read the Book of Mormon and come to church. Last week, we taught him about temples and baptisms for the dead. He really liked hearing it and he understands it. Thank goodness he didn't think baptisms for the dead was weird, as do many nonmembers who do not understand. We learned that he had an adopted 7 week old son who passed away. He felt comforted to know that he will be able to be with his baby again. Anthony is a really great guy. He loves learning about the church. We invited him to be baptized, and he said yes! We haven't set a date yet, though. I know he will get to that point. 

I got one of my wisdom teeth out a few weeks ago. I wasn't put under, so that was an interesting experience. I couldn't feel anything, but I could certainly hear it which was disturbing! The next day I just rested but 
was back to work on Wednesday. But guess what! Now my left bottom wisdom tooth is coming in.. So I am going to have to go get that taken out. Yay. Not. 

We lost the phone last Wednesday. So it was interesting having to go without it for a few days. We looked everywhere but could not find it. We prayed and had a feeling to go back to someone's house we had previously looked at, which seemed weird, but we did. Sure enough, we saw it as we drove up... Frozen to the road! It's a miracle that it wasn't ran over! The ear speaker no longer works so we had to get a new phone, but all our contacts and information was able to be saved. Yay for the power of prayer.

Lately, my favorite scripture has been John 16:33. It helps me to get through everything and anything. When I feel like I am alone and just having a hard time, I read that scripture. It reads, "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." I love the last phrase- "I have overcome the world." Christ went through everything we are dealing with and He made it through. He suffered that we might be able to return to live with Him and out Father in Heaven. He came out on top and made it possible for us to have eternal joy. For that, I am indeed grateful to Him. To know that even though I have problems and struggles, I can have peace in this crazy world.

Well time is up! I am heading over to zone pday, where we are going to play games and sports, which will be a lot of fun!

So until next time, have a great week.

Love always, Sister Emma Zimmerman

Week 9:

This week has been full of mixed feelings! It has been an amazing week, yet a not-so-great week. Doesn't quite makes sense, does it?

Well to start off, I will talk about the bad, not-so-great parts of the week. As I said in last weeks update, no one was getting transferred out of my district. Well, last minute Elder Oliver, who serves in the same ward, got a call saying he was being transferred so he didn't have time to say goodbye to hardly anyone. But we got another missionary, Elder McVey, who came in. What is interesting is that he reported to the Missionary Training Center on August 20, which was when I was suppose to report before I delayed my call. As it turns out, I was suppose to be in the district that he was in! So that was cool to meet him. Continuing on to the worst part of my week, and what has yet to come. Around 2 today I get to head over to Edina, a town a little ways away, to go to the dentist... To get my wisdom teeth out. One of them is actually growing in and as it grows in, it is pushing my molar out of place. So that has been fun to deal with! I had some pain in the MTC and it was bleeding a little bit, but I didn't think too much of it because it went away shortly after. Well, it started back up again a few days ago. And sure enough, there is a tooth back there! It was not pleasant at all. But the best is yet to come! My poor companion who is going to have to deal with me. Lucky for her, I will probably be sleeping the whole time and won't be there to constantly annoy her as usual. ;) I have the rest of today off of proselyting then Tuesday as well to recover. Which means I will have to miss our district meeting! We always have them on Thursdays, so there wouldn't be a problem. But this week, our district leader decided to schedule it for Tuesday, without knowing that Sister Anderson and I wouldn't be able to attend. Luckily, he understands! So next week I will tell ya how it all goes!

Now to the great... We have a new investigator! A young man named Anthony who we met when we went to visit Gina, a recent convert who we meet with each week. Anthony and Gina are friends. He was there for our lesson with Gina and her kids, mostly focused on her 6 and 7 year old kids, and we told them that next time we come, we can act out Nehpi going and getting the plates from Laban. We told Anthony that he should come and he could be Laban. We gave him a Book of Mormon and showed him the chapters which tells the story. He started reading them while we were there! While we were leaving, we invited him to come to church. And he gladly accepted our invitation. Even better than that, is that he did come to church on Sunday and really enjoyed it! He has such an interest and a desire to learn more. He was talking to the elders after church and told them that he really likes the unity of this church and the feeling he got when he was here. I cannot wait to continue teaching him.

Terry is finally over his sickness! He was able to come to church on Sunday and he really enjoyed it. After church, we went over to his house and had lunch with his wife. They are seriously the best! Attached is the picture of me and Cathy, his wife! We attempt to do yoga together, then just send up laying down and calling it good. They are such crack ups. We were also able to get Andraea and her daughter to church! They have been investigating for a while and haven't come to church very often, especially lately, mostly because church is so early and she has a hard time sleeping so she is always tired. Plus getting her kids ready is hard.  But they went yesterday and they really enjoyed it! It helps with the time change of church, now it's two hours later than it was, so that makes it easier for a lot of people. We were glad they got to come. We made them muffins for breakfast. :) Andraea has a two year old son who was running all over the place and going under all the pews. It was really cute and the members didn't mind at all! Liam would just go to play with all the other kids there.

It finally snowed a little more this week! Not much, but enough to make us grounded (where we couldn't go out or drive our cars) for about two hours when it was snowing pretty bad. A lot of it has already melted, but we have about 5 inches on the ground right now! While being grounded, my companion and I made cookies to give out. That night, we took them to a family and left them at the door because no one was home. I was finally able to shovel snow! Let me tell you. Shoveling snow when it is -15 out, not including the wind-chill, with no gloves or scarf, is no cake walk! But it was fun and I am sure they appreciated it. Hopefully it snows more so I can shovel more. It's fun and people really appreciate it. This time I will dress more for the weather! 

Speaking of weather, last week definitely for pretty chilly. It wasn't too bad though! At least for me. My companion was dying. She said she was going to freeze. Haha I guess I just adjust well to temperature, well to my surprise! I'm sure I won't be saying that, come February! 

So, gas prices are kind of really low! At least they are here, so I am sure they are all around the nation. Here in Prior Lake, they are $1.87, which blows my mind. Not that long ago I was paying $5.10! Thank goodness they dropped.

That's about it for this week! Hope you all have a great week! :)

Love always,
Sister Emma Zimmerman

Week 8:

 I finally have enough time to send more of an update!

First off, I apologize if this is the first update you are getting. I didn't realize that my contacts had two different lists and only sent my update to not all of my contacts. But hopefully this will work!

Can you believe it is now 2015? Wow! Time certainly flies. So far, this year has been great! We had our Preparation day on New Years, since it was a holiday, instead of last Monday. We went to the mission home early that morning and did Zumba with the mission presidents wife, Sister Forbes, which was a lot of fun! It was a sisters p-day so all the sisters in our zone went. They served us lunch and Sister Forbes read us stories as we sat around her on the ground like little kids. We played Apples to Apples, which President Forbes joined in on half way through the game. He had never played, yet he whooped us! I think the one that made us laugh the most is when the word was feminine and someone (me) placed a Justin Bieber card. Haha it wasn't very nice, but it was super funny. And I won the green card from it! It was awesome to spend time at the mission home. It was really relaxing, since we all got to wear our pjs! I am pretty sure President Forbes is the best mission president ever. I feel bad for everyone who doesn't have him. ;)

Sister Anderson (my companion and I) have been able to get into contact with a lot of less active members and former investigators whom I have never met, which is great! We got quite a few appointments set up, and even more people telling us to call them later this week to set up a time. I am really excited to get to know them and teach them and bring them closer to the Lord!  We went to a less active members house who, before my time, the missionaries would go to his house a lot but he would never be home. Well, we tried to visit him again, and he was there! We were able to talk with him at the door (there wasn't anyone else there, so we couldn't go in) and get to know him a little bit. He said he was watching football (since it was Sunday it was NFL) and asked who I rooted for. I said Green Bay then we asked my companion, who said Boise State or BYU. Bill and I started laughing and Sister Anderson had no idea why we were laughing until I explained it to her after we left. That was the hardest we laughed in a while!

We don't have very many investifators right now, but that is okay because we are working hard and doing what we need to. We focus on the North America Central initiative, which is called the "rescue mission." It focuses on mainly people who have gone inactive, part member families, and children of record. We are doing really well with that! Our most progressing investigator right now is still Terry. However, we have not been able to see him for the past two weeks, due to illness. He has been really sick. His wife, who is a member, wants him to get a blessing, but he is the type of person who doesn't like to ask for help. He is so stuborn but really awesome! He knows the church is true and recognizes how it blesses him and his family. Now he just needs to stop smoking, which he says he will. He is going to get baptized. :) 
It finally snowed on New Years eve! Not much snow, just a little. A bit late, though! It will hopefully snow soon. It has been pretty cold lately. Wednesday is suppose to get to -50 with the wind chill. I haven't gotten too cold though. A few days ago, I was outside in a short sleeve shirt when it was -10. I wasn't cold at all. But I blame that on my sickness. I was sick for about 2 weeks. I had a really high fever. It was hard because we still had to go out and work! No time for rest, but it all worked out because it went away after I got a Priesthood blessing. However, I have been getting a lot more headaches lately. Just about daily, which cause of to go in about half an hour earlier than we should. They aren't migraines, but they are my regular headache I sometimes get. These are sharp pains, usually above my eyebrows and then in the back of my head. I also get these sharp pains in random parts of my body, like my feet, chest, and side. Like I said, they aren't migraines, but my body feels as though it is. I get really bad fatigue and I get nauseous, so it is hard to walk and I feel like I am going to throw up. Like I do when I get migraines, but the migraine isn't there. It's just a headache. I am kind of concerned about that, but hopefully it will go away soon! On top of that, I have been having a lot of growing pains. Yeah, like I need to be any taller. Haha

The cold here is really drying! My hands have been cracking pretty bad. My companion has it worse; her hands crack until they bleed. She had a crème she used that she really liked and always raved about, but ran out of it. She couldn't get more, because her grandma would buy it for her when she went to Mexico and it was really expensive. Well, the other day at Target, I saw it, and was like, "Sister Anderson, I found your expensive Mexican hand crème!" As it turns out, you can buy it just about anywhere for 98 cents. She was happy to have it and it made me laugh how she thought you could only get it from Mexico. We both bought it and it helps so much!

My companion and I have been doing a lot of service lately for members and investigators. We have been helping people move, clean up their Christmas decorations, and cook. It has been a lot of fun, especially when we cook! We helped one family make tamales. They weren't done by the time we had to leave, but we were able to come back that night and try our products. They were delicious! One investigator, Doreen, sets up a lot of Christmas decorations. She doesn't like help putting them away, because she has an exact place for everything. She had us, my companion and I as well as the two elders also serving in Prior Lake, carry down her boxes from the attic. We took two trips each, carrying multiple boxes each time. It only took us about 2 minutes, but it would have taken her hours, because she can only carry one box at a time and cannot climb the stairs that much, due to her bad knees. What was such a small act for us, was a huge act for her. She, later on, gave me a Randy Travis Christmas cd which I have been listening to nonstop! It's driving my companion nuts, though, because she hates country! She pretty much has to deal with it, because we had listened to her Josh Groban cd, and I don't like his music! 

This week I have really noticed the power of prayer. Growing up, I have lost things, said a prayer, and then found them. Something along those lines happened to me this week. I have two rings I wear everyday; a CTR ring and a Calladah ring, given to me by my best friend from high school. Well, somehow I lost them. I remember putting them on. Later that day, I looked at my hands and they were gone. I cannot find them anywhere, and trust me, I've looked! Those rings have a lot of sentimental value to me, so I was really stressing about losing them. Well, I prayed. And guess what! I didn't find them. At least not yet. But I do feel like right now, those rings aren't important. It is more important to find the lost sheep and bring them to the fold and introduce them to the Shepard's voice. I know that as I give up time looking for those rings, rather look for the sheep, I will find the sheep and help those whom are lost and broken. I need to give up myself to bring salvation to others.

I love being on a mission. Prior Lake is an amazing ward. I feel so blessed to be here and able to serve the Lord. God is great.

Until next time,
Sister Emma Zimmerman

The picture is of my district! We did a regular and a funny picture, but I like this one the most! Today we got our transfer calls, and I am safe! And so is everyone in my district, which we are quite happy about. We might have a new district leader, but we won't know until a week from Thursday. We all had our guesses of who it would be. So we shall see! 

Hoorah for Israel!

Week 7:

Happy New Year!

I don't have much time to email today, so I will make this update quick!

It happened! Beth was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! It was such a great baptism. She was so happy.

Christmas eve we went to a family to help them cook. My companion mostly cooked while I entertained their 5 kids. That night, we went caroling with our district which was a lot of fun! We also went over to that same family's house for Christmas. I got to Skype with my family which was awesome! We also went to the Bishop's house for Christmas dinner. Though it was not a white Christmas, it was a good Christmas! The next day it did snow, though! Not much, but I am happy with this little bit of snow that we now have.

All is going well and I am staying warm!

Like I said, I don't have much time so I will have to leave it at this.

The picture is of Sister Steadman and me. She was one of my companions in the MTC and now we are in the same district so I get to see her at least once a week, if not more. Speaking of, I am heading to district meeting right now!

Love always, 
Sister Zimmerman

Week 6:

Merry Christmas! I can't believe it is already Christmas. It seems as though we were just celebrating Halloween. Where does the time go?

As you may or may not have noticed, I did not send out a weekly update last week. My apologies!

Okay, so the California stop has NOTHING on the Minnesota-how-is-that-even-considered-a-stop-you-barely-even-slowed-down. Seriously. None one ever stops at stop signs. And everyone runs reds! I don't understand how people see that the light is red and still go. Like, what? Haha crazy driving, alright!

As I had said in a previous update, the missionaries don't get fed very often. Well, I take that back! We are being fed a lot more! Tonight, we actually had two people sign up to feed us, so we had to reschedule with one. We have meals for the rest of the month, which is a blessing! I guess people found out how awesome I am and now everyone wants to feed us. ;) Speaking of food, I am no longer gluten intolerant! What a miracle! I can eat normal food! I know that the Lord has blessed me for my efforts. I no longer get sick after eating anything even touching something with gluten. It's great! 

Our most progressing investigator is Beth. She will be getting baptized this Saturday and let me tell you, she is solid! She is excited and so are we! She has been telling her friends of her baptism and making plans for it. We were able to visit her last night to finalize the program and give her another lesson, on the restoration. She told us that she wanted to learn more of the restoration, which shows how much of a desire to know and learn she has, even though she has been meeting with the missionaries for years.

Last Tuesday we had a new missionary training, where all the missionaries who came out with me and their got together and the mission president and selected speakers taught us. It was a lot of fun... Until about 3/4 of the way through the training. I felt a migraine coming on. I took medicine, but it did nothing. I was really worried since when I get migraines, I get really sick, as I did in the missionary training center when I got one. Medicine didn't help then, either, but I did get a Priesthood blessing, so I knew I needed another one. I asked to have Elder Darling, who was in my MTC district, give me one again. He had also given me a blessing in the MTC for my migraines. He and I became good friends while in the MTC, but out here in the field he is many hours away from where I am. He was at the training as well, though, so he was able to give me one. In the blessing he gave me on Tuesday he referred to my migraines as trails. He blessed me with the strength to get through them, then he said, "You will never have to go through this trial again." And I haven't! Just think, I have been getting these bad migraines for my whole life, then they just disappear! I have been going to the doctors for them for as long as I can remember, now they are gone. If that isn't priesthood power from God, I don't know what is! Doctors couldn't help me, but God did. 

Another miracle I have seen was when I went on exchanges last Friday. Exchanges are when we trade companions for 24 hours with another set of missionaries. I went to Lakeville with one of the sister training leaders. While I was there, I met a young man named David. I was told that two weeks ago, he was a prior investigator. He had been smoking and not interested in the gospel at all at that point. And now, he is set on being baptized. We attended a baptism on Saturday and he came with us, and before the baptism, he was saying how afterwards he was going to go with friends and play board games and how excited he was for it. After the baptism, he said he decided not to go because he knew his friends would be smoking and drinking and he didn't want that kind of influence. What a miracle! He is excited to be baptized and knows that it is what he needs to do at this time and what the Lord wants for him. 

Exchanges were a lot of fun! I love my companion, but it is nice to get to know other people! I got to know one of my sister training leaders really well as well as members in her ward. She lives in a house with a member so that was really different than the apartment, which is what I am use to. It was nice though! I was able to learn so much from my companion for the day. She has such a strong spirit that just shows through her smile. 

On Wednesday, I went over to a sister's house in the ward. Her son is a recent convert so we have been giving him lessons. She is the sister with the bunny I mentioned in a previous letter. I was sitting on the ground during the lesson, and her animals started climbing all over me (cats and a dog)! It was so funny. Animals seem to like me and she finds it a crack up. After the lesson, I was able to work with her rabbit again to calm him down and make him more friendly. The picture is included! The rabbit doesn't have red eyes, it's just the flash from the camera.

Last Monday we had zone preparation day. We played a lot of games and sports, like volleyball, murderer, ultimate frisbee, and others. Many of which I had never played before. It was a lot of fun to actually be able to play sports again! Which is something I miss a lot! There is one elder in my zone, Elder Ysasaga, who I was friends with back in Chico! It was so cool to be able to see him again. I accidentally kept calling him by his first name. Whoops! 
I also learned how to embroider! So that was pretty cool!

I really do love being on a mission. I have seen so many miracles and have received so many blessing from the Lord. I love the people I serve and serve with. I never thought my mission would be like this, it's great!

Anyways, it is time for me to get to a district meeting! So farewell for now and may God be with you.

Love always,
Sister Zimmerman

P.S. Merry Christmas!


Week 4:

Another week has come and gone here in Prior Lake! I've gotten to know a little more about this area. Starting to recognize landmarks and know my way around! The houses here are huge! Like four stories is not uncommon. They are big and fancy. I have yet to see a not-so-nice house. They are all well taken care of, with no messes in the yards, unlike in California. But hardly any of them have fenced yards, which is weird to me! Not as many pets here than in California either. That's pretty exciting but my companion and I still get lost! Still no new snow! Just from the snow from before I came. Hopefully it'll snow before Christmas so I can have my first white Christmas! 

Like I said in my last email, we don't get fed too much out here! Last week, we had no dinner appointments. So one sister took us to a really fancy restaurant that had a seafood buffet. It was my companions first time eating crab. It was crazy good! Last Saturday we had the ward Christmas party. It was fun and I got to meet a lot more people. Then they sent us home with a ton of ham! Bingo. ;) Earlier that day we decided to go by a sister in our wards home to see if we could do any service for her. Turns out, she has a rabbit but knows nothing about rabbits. Where as me, I know rabbits better than almost anyone else. She was also saying how her rabbit wasn't friendly and she couldn't pick it up. She didn't know how old it was or it's breed. I was able to trim his nails, tell her the breed (a very fat dwarf hot tot), and his age. I was able to teach her a lot about him and really make him friendly. It made the sister so happy and made me happy to be with animals and to serve her, especially with rabbits.

On Tuesday my companion and I made cookies for a cookie exchange later that night. We came home with over 100 cookies! And being that I can't eat them because of the gluten, my companion has had a lot of cookies to eat! It was really fun to bake. With our leftover cookies we got to take them to less actives and investigators so that was good! It was just a lot of fun baking.

Last Thursday I got really sick! It's been going around, and I definitely have caught it. I've been kind of sick since I've gotten here, but Thursday was bed ridden sick for part of the day. I had to go to a district meeting in the morning to afternoon. It was so hard to get through the meeting! I could barely walk, so afterwards we went back to the apartment. While I slept, my companion got us really caught up in making appointments and calling people. It was good that we were able to bring some success from me being sick! I am still sick, but able to go about and do stuff.

Cool, my computer just crashed and took half an hour to get going again, so I don't have much time left to type. So I need to make this quick!

Beth, my investigator who has her baptism date set, decided to move the date from January 10th to December 27th, so we are super excited! Her dad isn't a member and has never had interest meeting with the missionaries or learning more. Yesterday I met him for the first time. We had a nice chat and talked about a lot. Beth's mom mentioned, later that night, how she wishes he would just believe in God. He has never said anything about believing in God to her or to anyone, she told me. Well, he told me that he does. He told me he did believe in God he just doesn't like the idea of organized religion. That's a miracle! His heart has been softened and hopefully he will be willing to meet with us soon! 

Because of that lovely computer freeze I don't have time to type anything else, so with that, talk to you next week!

Love always,
Sister Zimmerman

The picture is of Ri and I, a girl whose family we visit a lot! They are recent converts and so strong in the gospel! Just being in their home I can feel the spirit so strongly.

Week 3:

What a week! 
It feels like way more than a week since I have last emailed! Tuesday night at the MTC, we had the general authority devotional and Elder Dallin H. Oaks came! I was beyond excited to see him! I have never seen an apostle speak before, so I was acting like a little kid in a candy shop. Before the devotional, I saw the MTC presidency gathered in the foyer and I got my companions to walk by. Sure enough, there he was! I was 10 feet from an apostle of God. It was so cool. His wife, who was in the hallway, even talked briefly to my companions and I. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! When he spoke, it was so powerful. He stressed the importance of devoted this 18 or 24 months completely to the Lord, and giving Him everything. It really touched me and made me excited to serve God! 

I already miss my MTC teachers, companions, and friends. But I know I will make so many more friends out here in the field!

On Wednesday morning, I left the MTC. I had to be up at before 2am! That was so much fun. *Sarcasm* There were 18 other missionaries also reporting to Minnesota on the same day as me. To get to Minnesota, we had to take a bus to a train station. Then take a train to another train. Then had to walk to the airport. All while toting around 2 huge bags and a carry on, and a messenger bag that seemed to weigh a million pounds. Luckily, the people in Utah who I came in contact with were super nice and helped me a lot. Some of them were also Latter-Day Saints, so that was fun to talk with them. Once we got to the airport, there was someone who worked there calling out everyone's names and handing them there ticket. Once she gave everyone their ticket, she started walking away, while I still didn't have one! I went up to her and asked "Is there a ticket for Zimmerman?" And she didn't have a plane ticket for me! Panic mode? I think yes. I went to the counter and they were able to locate my ticket on a computer, they just didn't have a physical copy. I was so relived, you don't even know! Then I got to security... I had to go through 5 times! It was frustrating. Once I got through, I found a phone and was able to call home and talk to my mom for the last time until Christmas. It was great being able to talk to her for a few minutes, telling her about the amazing time I am having and how excited I was to be finally going to Minnesota! I miss her but I know I am serving the Lord and doing His will. He will take care of the rest. We got to our gate at about 6:30 and our plane was scheduled to leave at 8:40, so we had a little bit of time to wait. Me and another sister walked around a little bit and so many people would recognize us as servants of the God and come to talk to us! It was a great experience. People would even come up and offer us money and to use their phones. It was really cool to see how much members love the missionaries and how willing they are to support the new ones just going out into the field. A 5 year old even ran up to me and gave me a hug. It was so precious! So, like I said, our plan was suppose to leave at 8:40 but got delayed because of storms in Minnesota until 11:30. So we weren't expected to get in until a lot later. Someone got ahold of the mission president to let him know we won't be needing to get picked up so soon. Well, then the storm cleared up really fast or something because we ended up taking off at 9:30. However, our mission president didn't get the second update, so once we got to Minneapolis, we had to wait for a while until he showed up! 

That night, I got to meet my new companion, who will be training me for the next 12 weeks. I am her last companion, so I will actually be "killing her!" Her name is Sister Anderson. She is from Idaho Falls. She is really tall! I am so glad I am companions with her, she is super sweet and fun. She took me back to our area, which is Prior Lake, Minnesota, but also covers Shakopee. When I got off the plane, I was expecting it to be face blistering cold, when it really wasn't that bad! Until today, I have just been wearing sweaters (whereas my companion has been wearing a big jacket which gives me hompe that I can surive the winter!). Today the temperature is suppose to be about -25. So this will be fun! Back to what I was saying... That night, we had dinner with the Moncurs that night, who was the first members I met on my mission on the field. On Thanksgiving, we went over to another family's home, the Cassells, and helped them prepare their meal. They have 5 kids, so it was fun to meet them and play with them. They are all recent converts, and their conversion story is amazing. They are a such beautiful family! Sister Cassel is actually taking me and my companion shopping right after I finish up emailing! At about 2 on Thanksgiving, we headed out and went to another members house, Sister Burton. her husband is an investigator who we are hoping decides to get baptized. When he introduced himself to me, he said, "I'm not a member, yet." Yet? Bingo! Haha it was fun talking to him and their family who was also there for the holiday. We ate our meal their and they sent us home with leftovers we are still eating! 

Here in Prior Lake, the members don't feed the missionaries too often. Looking at the calendar for this week, we have no one signed up! So I will definitely be cooking more often!

This week my companion and I got to do some service for members, including helping them make cookies for a cookie exchange tomorrow, feeding their cats while they were gone on a trip, and giving people "heart attacks!" It was so much fun. I have found that I am really good at including a spiritual thought, no matter what we are talking about! I also noticed I always say prayers and invite others to pray as well. I am always stopping my companion so we can pray.

I have been meeting a lot of members, investigators, and potentials. I have really been able to bond with one girl, Kaitelynn who is 14 and not a member, who my companion says never really talked much before with the other missionaries. I am hoping to be able to teach her some gospel lessons and spark an interest in the church. Last night, I extended my first baptismal invite to a 16 year old girl named Beth. Her mom is a recent convert. Other missionaries have invited her to be baptized multiple times, but she never said yes. I felt the spirit so strongly during our lesion and just decided to be bold and ask her to be baptized on the second Saturday of January. AND SHE SAID YES! My first invite said yes! I am so happy she has decided to come unto Christ. Even though I just met her yesterday, I feel so much love for her. I know God loves her and He is helping me to love all the people I come in contact with on my mission. I know it is because of Him that she was able to have her heart softened and know what we are telling her is true. That was truly a miracle. I am so grateful to be here serving the people of the Prior Lake Ward.

The picture is the last selfie my companions, Sister Steadman and Sister Larson, from the MTC and I took! :( I already miss them so much.

My new address is:
Sister Emma Zimmerman
16516 Franklin Trail,
Prior Lake, MN

I don't know the zip code... :/

Love always, 
Sister Zimmerman

Mtc pictures:

Week 2:

This week has just flown by! It has been filled with classes upon classes upon classes! It was still amazing, nonetheless. I got to teach three mock investigators since being here at the MTC and they have all committed to baptism! so that's exciting! My testimony has grown so much from being here for less than two weeks. Nothing compares. It's amazing! 
I leave on Wednesday at 3:00am to fly to Minnesota, which already has a few feet on snow. And here I am with no snow boots! This California girl is going to freeze! I have classes tonight and tomorrow which is going to be strange. In my district, two companionships of elders are going to Houston, Texas. They left yesterday so classes aren't going to be the same without them. It was so bitter sweet already saying goodbye to so many of my friends. I know that I will make so many more in the mission field though! The picture is of my district and one of our teachers. Top row left to right: Elder Koster (going to the Houston East Mission), Brother Hoffman (our teacher), Sister Mortenson (going to the Minnesota, Minneapolis Mission), me, Sister Kirkby (going to the Minnesota, Minneapolis Mission), Sister Steadman (going to the Minnesota, Minneapolis Mission), Sister Larson (going to the Minnesota, Minneapolis Mission). Bottom row left to right: Elder Darling (going to the Minnesota, Minneapolis Mission), Elder Heaps (going to the Houston East Mission), Elder Udall (going to the Houston East Mission), Elder Moos (going to the Houston East Mission), and Elder Judd (going to the Minnesota, Minneapolis Mission). The sisters and elders in this district have grown so much in less than two weeks. It was amazing to see each of their testimonies growing as they learned more about the gospel. I am really going to miss them all. They have become my family.
My companions and I and some elders got matching Superman shirts from the MTC bookstore, but instead of having the S, they said CTR. I would send pictures, but I can't upload from on these computers from my camera. So that's lame! I'll send them when I get the chance along with others!
I don't have much computer time this week so I am just going to leave it with this.
I love this church. I love this gospel. I can't wait to share the joy of the Lord with the wonderful people of the Minnesota, Minneapolis Mission. I am here at this time for a reason.

Love, Sister Zimmerman