Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 1:

Today is my first Pday (Preparation day, where we have some free time to do stuff we need to catch up on, like laundry, writing letters, taking naps, ect.) here at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. Let me tell you, I LOVE it! 
Let's start at the beginning, before I even got to the MTC on Wednesday. After getting off the plane in Salt Lake City, Utah, I made my way to the baggage claim. Me, being a girl, had lots of very heavy luggage. I knew I wouldn't have time to grab all my luggage as it went by, so I asked a young man standing next to me to help me. Turns out, he was also on his way to the MTC! His name was Elder Medina, and he's serving here in Utah, Spanish speaking. We got to talk quite a bit, especially since we got to ride in the car to the MTC together, as well as two other new missionaries. Flying over Utah and going over to the MTC was definitely a cool experience. I have never seen so many church buildings or temples! I felt at peace just being here.
When I got to the MTC, it was pretty confusing, especially since I flew in late and missed part of the first day meetings. The car I came in was the last of the missionaries to come on Wednesday. So we were late! Since I came in the middle of the new missionary orientation, I wasn't able to meet up with my companions yet, so I was put with four other girls as my temporary companions until I could find mine. They helped me bring my luggage to my dorm room, when I saw a girl who I recognized from the Facebook group, "Many are called but few are chosen". She was one of my companions! Her name is Sister Steadman. She is from Boise, Idaho. She is a dancer, a fantastic singer, and absolutely beautiful inside and out. I am in a tripanionship, so instead of just one companion, I have two! The other sister is Sister Larson, from Spokane, Washington. She works at a treatment center for teenage girls. She is too cute and super funny! I have the most fun with these two beautiful young ladies. I couldn't imagine being companions with anyone else here. I already know them both so well. 
My district I am in has 11 people, including myself and my companions. There is one other sister companionship and three elder companionships. The sisters and one of the elder companionships are also going to the Minnesota, Minneapolis Mission. I have learned so much from my district already. Our classes have been busy, busy, busy! We have no free time from 7:30am-9:30pm. Then we have stuff to do before and after that time, so really, no free time besides on Pdays! But even then, we have so much to do! It's well worth it though! With all I have been learning and all the experiences I have been having. But let me tell you, I am exhausted! A nap would be so nice! No time for that though!
The MTC is so amazing. I can always feel the Spirit of God here. It is so comforting. I have definitely been seeing my testimony grow, just from less than a week of being on a mission. Before I came on my mission, I didn't share my testimony too often. Now, here I have to many times a day! I love it! It definitely helps me see growth in my own self.
It snowed here on Thursday. Being from Glenn County, I haven't seen too much of that! I was so happy and freaking out, everyone was looking at me oddly! It made the campus even more peaceful.
Yesterday was my first Sunday at the MTC. I had the most spiritual experience yet. During a district meeting, I felt a migraine coming on, so afterwards I took some medicine then went straight to Sacrament meeting. By the time sacrament meeting ended (which lasts for about an hour) I was in tears, unable to walk. I knew I needed a priesthood blessing so I had one of my companions ask two of the elders in my district if they would give it. My companions carried me into another room where the rest of my zone was as well. When the Elders started the blessing, I could feel their hands shaking. It was the first blessing either of them had ever given. I could tell they were nervous. I could literally feel the priesthood power. I could feel the Savior through their hands. It was so special. One thing that stood out to me is when Elder Darling said, in the blessing, "You will have the strength to get through this, and come back even more strong." After I had the blessing, I had to be carried back into my dorm room to try to sleep it off. A few hours later, my companions woke me up as it was dinner time and they couldn't leave me alone. My migraine was gone, though I did still have a headache. I felt well enough to walk there, but not well enough to stay to eat in the loud dining hall, so we got our food to go. Before getting my food, I wanted to tell the elders in my district I was okay and thank them for all they did for me. The most amazing thing happened to me! This was literally thee most joy I have ever felt and the happiest I have ever been in a single moment. As I was walking up to the table our zone sits at each meal, one of the elders, Elder Judd, looked up and saw me. This elder is really shy and doesn't smile too much. When Elder Judd saw me, he was smiling so big, ear-to-ear. We just held that look for a few seconds, both of us with a huge grin on our face. It was amazing. I could feel his love for me as his sister. When the other elders saw me, they smiling so much! I felt so loved. Last time they saw me, I couldn't walk. And here I was, walking by myself. They all asked if I was okay and I assured them that I was. I could feel so much love from them just looking at me. One elder said to me, "I was really worried about you. During sacrament meeting,when I was on the stand, I saw you and I knew something was wrong. My heart started beating really fast and I knew I had to help you, even though I didn't know what was wrong." This was literally thee best moment in my life. These elders are my brothers. We are a family.
This morning I got to go to the Provo Temple with my companions and the other group of sister companions in my district. We had to leave our rooms at 6:30am and it was freezing! Yeah, I am definitely in for a shock when I get to Minnesota on the 26! Which, by the way, I leave at 3:30am. Despite being so cold, I had an amazing time and was grateful to feel the Spirit of the Lord. 
I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity I have been provided with. I have learned so much about the Lord, the gospel, and about myself. I have loved more than I knew I could, and I know it is just going to increase as I work with investigators and members. I love my Savior Jesus Christ so much. I am grateful that he atoned for me so I can be here having this experience. I love my Father in Heaven and I know he is watching out for me. 
With love,
Sister Zimmerman

P.S. The food here is delicious!!

P.S.S. Pictures on the way soon!

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