Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 18:

Good morning everyone!

This has been another beautiful week in Minnesota! If the weather was like this all year around, it'd be perfect for me! Never getting about 65, but still sunny, sounds good! My companion, Sister Bone, on the other hand, disagrees. She loves the sun and the heat. She has been going crazy, wanting it to be summer already. Since it is so beautiful, we want to be outside all the time! This is perfect tracting weather! Everyone is outside playing, walking their dogs, riding their bikes, and going for runs. But no such luck for us. My knee has been causing me quite some pain lately so on Wednesday I finally went to the doctor for it. They said I should be walking half as much as I do now or I will be causing permanent damage to my knee... And we haven't even walking that much since it is winter and we drive! Yet even just that is "too much." Cool. I have to wrap my knee each day so I cannot move it and wear a brace. So I walk with a limp.. It's lots of fun. I am suppose to use crutches, but I don't have any and have not been able to track any down yet. It has been slow, since we have no investigators and can't really find any with my problems. I feel like I am wasting time and being disobedient, but there is not much else we can do. President knows and he just says to take it easy and do what I can without pushing myself. So we have been doing a lot of les active and recent convert work, which is fun. Slow nonetheless. 

On Friday we went to Beth's dance recital. I have to say, it was quite interesting! I have never really gone to one before, and this one was a mix of ballet type and modern. I can honestly say I have never seen anything like it before! The next day, we went to a play called "Journey with Joseph" about Joseph Smith and his life and death, put on by the youth in the Minneapolis Stake. It was so good! It was killer, since it was in an auditorium with lots of stairs! I was feeling it the next day!

Sister Bone and I have been visiting Barb, a member of the church who is less active. She loves puzzles and we love to help her! We finally got the puzzle finished! So that is what is happening in the picture we included. We were also helping her do deep cleaning, hence the pday clothes. :)

Just a short update for this week. So much for now! 
Sister Emma Zimmerman

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