Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 17:

Good morning!  I don't know what the weather is like where you are at, but here in Prior Lake Minnesota, it is beautiful! It is so warm, we didn't even have to wear long sleeves out. It is officially tshirt weather! Is it sad that 40 is considered tshirt weather in Minnesota..? Believe it or not, my body has adjusted quite well! Thank goodness for that. Because of this warm weather, there is practically no snow left anywhere.. Even though it stormed and snowed quite a bit on Tuesday. So much that we had to stay inside practically all day!

Last Monday was a lot of fun! We had zone pday so we met with a lot of other missionaries to play games and sports. These games included hungry hippo (life size human version), zombies, and of course sports, like basketball and volleyball. It was a lot of fun!

On Tuesday, we got some quite exciting/disappointing for me news. We got a text message from our zone leaders saying that we are going to be getting iPads in May. Honestly, I don't want an iPad! I can see the perks of them, but I don't really want one. However I don't really have a choice in it, so I'll be positive! The exciting news in that is that one of the twelve apostles are coming to train us and we will get to meet him! We were told that it will probably be Elder Nelson, but we aren't 100% sure. He is who has been training our mission president, President Forbes, on using them. 
Also on Tuesday we had a relief society birthday dinner, celebrating the anniversary of it's creation. It went really well and was a lot of fun! Our investigator, Andraea came and brought one of her friends, Michelle! They both loved it and were able to meet a lot of the members, who instantly started fellowshipping them. From that, we had had quite a few members volunteer to come teaching with us and offer their home to be used for lessons. It's pretty awesome! I love that the members go out of their way to make others who feel uncomfortable at first, fell welcomed. 

On Wednesday we had exchanges, which is when we trade companions for a day with the Sister Training Leaders. I ended up going to Lakeville with Sister Magleby. It was so much fun! As much as I love my companion, Sister Bone, it is exciting to get to go to a new place for a day. One person we went to go teach was Morgan. On the way to her apartment, Sister Magleby and I were asking each other questions. One of them she asked me was what my biggest fear was. I automatically said snakes. I hate snakes. I am terrified of them. But I have decided one I get off my mission, I am going to get over my fear and hold a snake. I hate being scared of things, because it gives that thing power over you. I don't want a snake to have power over me, that is ridiculous! So I told her that. And she then informed me that Morgan has a snake. So we get to Morgan's and I told her that I am scared of snakes, so she quickly stepped in front of the tank, so I couldn't see "Checkers." I then explained to her that I wanted to get over my fear. Sure enough, she let me hold Checkers. At first, I was so scared! But I did it! I held him for a few minutes when Morgan asked how long I wanted to hold him for. I responded, "Until I'm not scared anymore." Sure enough, I got over it! By the end of the lesson, I was quite enjoying holding him. I held him for over an hour. Yeah, I held "a slitherly little snakey snake." (Bonus point to you if you know what that's from.) So the picture attached is me and Checkers! Morgan and Sister Magleby said that I did really well holding him and that a didn't seem scared at all. Yeah, little did they know that at first I was terrified! I succeeded though! :)

Last night we went over to a members house who has two huge very hairy dogs. When we got here, they were playing in the yard, getting all wet and full of mud. We were sitting on the couch having a discussion when all of the sudden Ben (one of the dogs) jumped on me! He got me so wet it soaked through all my layers, both on my skirt and my shirt! Not just wet, but it was thick mud. It got everywhere- in my hair, in my mouth, and all over my face. And these are dogs that never got baths, so they stank! To say the least, we went in early (just 20 minutes before 9) so I could shower. It was nasty! But hey, it certainly gave us a good laugh, after I was all clean again!

Well, I have to cut this letter short! It is time to go to District Pday! I hope everyone has a great week!
Keep in touch!

Love always, 
Sister Emma Zimmerman

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